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A Cursillo weekend's main purpose is to provide the tools for daily Christian living. Most important in this is to create small groups of people willing to meet regularly (usually weekly) to hold one another accountable in an atmosphere of confidentiality where you can bear each others burdens and share each other's joys. In this video, three people who have long been part of such groups speak briefly of that experience. This documentary video was done by The Diocese of Georgia.

What is the Goal of Cursillo?

The goal of Cursillo is the goal of the Church: to bring all closer to Christ.

What is the Cursillo Method?

The Cursillo Method begins with a spirit-filled Weekend aimed at exploring ways to bring the love of Christ into the environments where we live, work and play in a natural way.  The weekend is then followed up by opportunities for on-going growth and sustenance through the development of personal Rules of Life, Group Reunion, Ultreya and service on Weekend teams.

The Cursillo Weekend is:

An experience of living and sharing with others in a caring and diverse Christian community of male and female Episcopalians, lay and clergy - from ages 18 to over 80 – from parishes across the diocese.


3 days of music, reflection, prayer, worship, instruction, music, small group discussion, food, fun and fellowship.

An opportunity to discover and consider one’s personal calling as a faithful witness  of Christ, our Lord in every area of their lives.

Cursillo can bring spiritual vitality to both individuals and parishes and can be a valuable tool for Christian education. It sustains its potential for vitality by keeping its focus on bringing the Spirit of Christ into the places where we live, work and play in order to bring others closer to Christ.

Cursillo is not for everyone, but it is a tried and true method for spiritual growth through serving Christ and placing the needs of others first.

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If you like to make a donation in memory of Ann Mayfield please send your donation to Bob Dembicki

55 West End Avenue, S-12F

New York, NY 10023.

“Nothing could be a more certain characteristic of Ann’s own passions,

life and purpose than those convictions. Among her legacies, and among the

number of ways in which Ann will be remembered, her work in the leadership

of the Cursillo community in the Diocese of New York will ever be a jewel in her

crown, and I know that across that community, in parishes in every place, Ann’s

leadership of Cursillo, her life and ministry among us, and her gentle, king and loving countenance are missed today, mourned today, and in every corner prayers are being offered up for the repose of her soul and the rising of her spirit.”

The Right Reverend Andrew ML Dietsche

Bishop of New York

Bishop Andrew Dietsche wrote a beautiful letter in memory of  Ann Mayfield and her work in the Cursillo Community.

Click below of Bishop Dietsche’s letter: